Monday, 10 May 2010

Is it a muffin or a cake?

This was commissioned for the birthday party of an 8 year old who is in love with Blueberry Muffins! It's not quite a muffin but just as moist and full of blueberry loveliness!

Cakes-A-G0-Go! will be taking part at two Hackney festivals this summer..
The first is May 22nd in London Fields and is a celebration of Park Life in Hackney (whatever that entails!).
Secondly we will be at the BeRecreative Festival in London Fields on June 5th celebrating all things to do with recycling, reusing etc. Hope we see you there!
Until then, stay sweet!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Where did it go?!

Easter seemed to be approaching for an age, then suddenly it was upon us, and just as quickly vanished into thin air. Leaving us all a few pounds heavier from all the delicious goodies had..
As promised in an earlier post - I did bake both Easter Biscuits, and a Simnel Cake. And both, of course, went in a flash. The biscuits came in very handy as beautiful little Easter gifts to give to friends and neighbours, once packaged up in cellophane bags with a few mini eggs thrown in too.

As I had previously predicted, the Simnel Cake did indeed service all the In-Laws and my own family who all descended over the weekend.

And finally - I couldn't resist adding this picture of true family home baking! The kids don't often get to be involved with my baking (health and hygiene reasons..), but this time, they had a ball and it was probably exactly this same thing that inspired myself to become the baker I am today!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Twice as nice!

Hello there cake fans!
Sometimes things just happen in twos - at that has just happened to us! Two cake orders - for two different Lucys!

This one's a rich Coffee Sponge filled with a Sweetened Coffee Cream Cheese filling and covered in a real Coffee buttercream...this is a cake we could almost have as our early morning pick-me-up... It was made for a new mum's birthday, so perhaps the caffeine content is rather telling!

One of our classic Chocolate and Raspberry Sponges filled with Fresh Cream and Raspberries. Definately worthy of a 21st celebration. This one was made for a cake maker's birthday, so Cakes-a-go-go! was especially delighted to receive glowing thanks after the event..

As ever, we are always available to create any number of delicious cakes or biscuits for your own celebrations - our prices are very reasonable and we strive to use the best Organic ingredients in our baking which always results in the highest quality and flavour.
Speaking of which - the Organic, unrefined icing sugar that we use really does make all the difference. When tasted simultaneously with traditional, white non-Organic icing sugar, the difference in quality really is amazing. As we've said before - Only the best for you!

Friday, 19 March 2010

St Patrick Comes to Town

Over at the Cakes-a-go-go HQ, you may not be aware but we are harbouring some of the Emerald Isle..One husband and two children (and my great grandparents) all being whole or part Irish. So we couldn't let the day go by uncelebrated! My son chose to make some Shamrock shaped biscuits to share at school... here he proudly models biscuits and his Irish rugby shirt!

Not the most complex of recipes, but truly delicious never the less. We went for a simple butter biscuit that was strong enough for little hands, and, more importantly, that we knew no child would turn their nose up at!
And the best part? There were enough for the adults to enjoy at home!
We hope you enjoyed your celebrations too..

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Tradition Wins Out!

Easter is fast approaching and my mind is buzzing with wonderful delights to bake for the big event. Last year I bypassed the traditional Simnel cake and went for some amazing Easter Biscuits-
Wonderful buttery biscuits with added spice, lemon zest and currants. The recipe called for Cassia Oil which I never quite tracked down, so this year I will make it top of my wish list.. So I have heard, Easter biscuits are very symbolic, the crinkles around the edge representing the crown of thorns, the cassia oil is supposed to symbolise the oils used to annoint Christs head, and the currants represent the nails used to nail Him to the cross. If that isn't traditional enough, I don't know what is!

This year, I'm definately going to do both though - Biscuits and Simnel cake..
Simnel cake (as illustrated below - not my own unfortunately, thats to come in my next post!) will be just perfect for the relatives we have visiting. All of whom love fruit cake, and who could not be won over by the added marzipan inside and on top?

So off I go in a baking frenzy! I'll keep you posted how the celebrations go...

It goes without saying that Cakes-a-go-go is always here to help out with any celebrations you may be having. Please feel free to ask for any type of cake/biscuits you have in mind, we are very accomodating! You don't have to be quite so traditional for your own Easter - Chocolate cake would be just as good!

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Forget Love- I'd rather fall in Chocolate!..

Another busy month, and as the headline suggests, one filled with Chocolate Cake! Maybe there is something about the winter weather drawing in that brings us all back to this most heart warming substance?.. Alongside our ever popular Chocolate and Raspberry Sponge, we have now introduced a ridiculously delicious, moist Devils Food Cake (another version of chocolate cake to the uninitiated) to our repertoire.
We will always do our best to be able to fulfill last minute orders - so don't panic if you are late, or just plain unorganised, give us a call and we will help out if we can!

So here are some of our latest offerings..

A mighty 30 cms of Chocolate loveliness - decorated with a '50' in the Boston Redsox font (the celebrants favourite team)

The above mentioned Devils Food Cake in all its glory!

For Pete's 40th - a man who likes sailing - did you get it?!

We also need to announce our departure from Stoke Newington Farmers Market. It was fun while it lasted, but we must go onward and upward to greater things..We are now concentrating on our made-to-order cakes for your pleasure!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Commisions Ahoy!

It's been a busy few weeks of baking... We have had lots of personal orders coming in and thought we should keep you up to date on some of our latest creations...

For an october 50th birthday - A Chocolate Raspberry Sponge filled with Raspberry Buttercream, topped with Chocolate Buttercream and a homegrown organic (fully edible) Nasturtium..

A wonderfully classic summery Victoria Sponge filled with Fresh Strawberries, Vanilla Buttercream, and Strawberry Jam for Dora's 3rd birthday

This was for a 20th birthday party - A Rich Lemon Sponge, with a Lemon Glace Icing.

This selection of mini cupcakes were for the birthday of Space (EC1) - Vanilla cakes with Coconut, Lemon, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Raspberry Buttercreams.